Masonic structure

The most important entity in freemasonry is the lodge.


Worldwide there are Grand Lodges that govern specific geographical territories and each individual lodge relies on its own Grand Lodge for the setting of standards and for recognition with other Grand Lodges. For our Lodge the controlling body is the United Grand Lodge of England .Although the vast majority of the 8000 or so lodges that come under it aegis meet within England and Wales, a number of  lodges around the world choose to come under its umbrella rather than affiliate to their local territorial Grand Lodge.

Every single lodge in this country also comes under the jurisdiction of a Provincial or the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, in our case, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex.

In a Masonic Lodge the Master and officers of the lodge generally serve for a one year term at the will and pleasure of the membership. The officers of the lodge comprise a number of brethren occupying positions responsible for ceremonial, administrative, and social matters. The officers of the lodge also include more permanent appointments such as Secretary, Treasurer and Charity Steward.

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