A meeting – what’s involved?

Formal lodge meetings of Royal Jubilee Lodge start at the end of the afternoon, normally 5pm and conclude between 9pm and 10pm after a formal dinner, known as the Festive Board.


At lodge meetings, usually ceremonies symbolic of masonic heritage are conducted to bring new members into freemasonry or to take them to the next step towards becoming a Master Mason.  On other occasions there may be a guest speaker giving a talk on a subject of masonic interest or there may simply be a discussion among the lodge members.

Each masonic meeting concludes with a social gathering of the members at a supper, or festive board as it is commonly known, where masonic fellowship is conducted in a more relaxed and informal environment.

Royal Jubilee Lodge, like most lodges in Middlesex, meets just four times a year, but as a freemason you are encouraged to visit other lodges wherever freemasonry is practised throughout the world. Visiting is always an enjoyable experience.  It gives you the opportunity to increase your circle of masonic friends, learn how other lodges conduct ceremonies and generally to enjoy the wider Masonic life that membership brings.

However, freemasons are encouraged to live well-rounded lives, placing their families first, their vocation next, and after these, their duties to freemasonry.

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