Who’s Who

Officers and other Key Brethren Appointed 2019 – 20

     Worshipful Master W.Bro.  Ernest Niel
     Senior Warden W.Bro.  John Steed
     Junior Warden W. Bro. Michael Rulton (RIP)
     Chaplain W.Bro.  Terwyn Williams
     Treasurer W.Bro.  Laurence Oakden
     Secretary W.Bro.  Philip Donald
     Director of Ceremonies W.Bro.  Arthur Foster-Mason
     Almoner W.Bro.  John Steed
     Charity Steward W.Bro.  John Steed
     Mentor V.W.Bro.  Andrew Mannaseh
     Senior Deacon Bro.  Johnny Hodges (Resigned)
     Junior Deacon W.Bro. Mike Bobetsky
     Assistant Director of Ceremonies Vacant
     Inner Guard Bro.  Bernardas Bagdanavičius
     Organist Vacant
     Steward W.Bro.  Michael Goody
     Tyler W.Bro.  Michael Colin
     Immediate Past Master W.Bro.  John Power
     Royal Arch Representative TBA
     Visiting Officer W.Bro.  Kenneth Fennell
     Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Bro. Peter Annett

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