Thomas Nunn

Worshipful Master 1841

Thomas Nunn, the father of Joseph Nunn, was born in Lambeth in 1797 and lived there all his life. He married Ann Inward on 1st August 1818 in St. Georges Church, Hanover Square.

Thomas is first mentioned in the Minutes of our meeting of 9th March 1830. He was one of a number of visitors from Lodge of Amity No. 284 (now No. 171), in which he was Junior Warden at the time. At some stage after that he became a joining member of Royal Jubilee Lodge and served as Worshipful Master in 1841. During his year of office, he initiated his son Joseph into the lodge. Joseph repaid the compliment by investing him as Treasurer in 1849.

Thomas was awarded honorary membership on 7th October 1861.

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