Bernardo Demetrius

Worshipful Master 1840

Bernardo Demetrius was born in Missolonghi, Greece around 1807, but moved to Cambridge, UK sometime before 1838 where he joined Lodge of Plato No. 366. He later joined Royal Jubilee Lodge, then numbered 85, on 13th March 1838, becoming its Worshipful Master in 1840. He remained a member until at least 1862.


Bernardo married Harriet Sargeant in July 1838 in Canterbury, Kent, although she hailed from Kingston, Surrey. The couple had 7 children, one of whom appears to have died at a very young age. His youngest son, Anastasius appears to have joined Capper Lodge No. 1076 which still meets in West Ham, London.

By trade, Bernardo was a Cigar Merchant, an occupation carried on by Anastasius, who was granted Freedom of the City of London in May 1880.

During his time as a Cigar Merchant, Bernardo gave evidence at the Old Bailey against two felons who attempted to pass forged gold sovereigns. A report of the trial can be found at

He died on 29th April 1873, leaving under £300 to his widow, Harriet.




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