Henry Augustus Darch

Worshipful Master 1908 & 1941

Henry (known as Harry) was born in Lambeth on 28th February 1873, the second of 5 children by Augustus and his wife Rebecca. Records show that he lived at various addresses in Lambeth with his mother and father until the latter’s death in 1915. It would appear that he never married.

He was employed throughout his life as an Accountant.

‘Harry’ was initiated into Royal Jubilee Lodge in 1899 and became Worshipful Master for the first time in 1908. (He served again as WM in 1941). In 1912 he became Director of Ceremonies, an office he was to hold for only 3 years, before coming Secretary in 1915, taking over from his father Augustus Darch  who had been Secretary since 1884. Between them they were Secretary of the lodge for a period of 57 years. In addition he was Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction for 25 years. Apparently he had a kindly but strict attitude in allowing no variation from the Royal Jubilee ritual. Members were encouraged to strive for the silver match box which was the reward for a degree worked without an error or a prompting in the Lodge of Instruction.

Like his father he was a member also of Honor Oak Lodge No. 1986.

He was appointed to London Rank in 1910 and in 1933 he was the first member of the lodge for 118 years to be awarded Grand Rank in the Craft when he was appointed Past Grand Standard Bearer (PGStB).  In the same year he was appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (PAGDC) in Supreme Grand Chapter.

‘Harry’ died on 20th March 1949 at 3 Dungarvan Avenue, Putney.

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