Frederick Dunn

Worshipful Master 1879

Worshipful Master 1879

Frederick Dunn, along with Augustus Darch, was one of the powerhouses of the Lodge during the latter part of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries in their roles of Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

Frederick was born in Taunton, Somerset in 1838, the son of James, a bricklayer, and his wife Ann.

Early life was spent in Taunton, before he moved to nearby Chard. Here he started work in the printing business as a printer/compositor/reporter. In 1862 Frederick married Mary Quick, a fellow Tauntonian.

By 1871 the couple had moved to Peckham where Frederick set up a printing and stationary business. Also by this time the couple had 3 children, the first of 8 they were to have. Sadly, over the years, 5 of the 8 died during Frederick’s lifetime.

By 1881 the business was thriving at 32, St. Mary’s Road, Peckham, with Frederick employing 20 men and boys

Alongside his business, Frederick was a busy freemason. He was initiated into Royal Jubilee Lodge in 1871 and became Worshipful Master in 1879. He was elected Treasurer in 1885 and held that office until 1911 when he had to resign due to ill-health. Such was his contribution to the lodge that he was elected an Honorary Member the same year.

He was the first recipient in the lodge to be awarded London Rank in 1910 and was a subscribing or honorary member of the Lodge for 45 years.

In addition to his membership of Royal Jubilee, he was a Founder of at least 3 Craft lodges and 1 Chapter.

Frederick was the Founding Junior Warden and first to be installed as Worshipful Master the following year in 1889 of Rye Lodge, No. 2272. He was also Treasurer of the lodge from 1893 until 1913.

(One of Frederick’s sons, William Rendell Dunn was the first Initiate of Rye Craft Lodge, becoming its Worshipful Master in 1895 and First Principal of Rye Chapter in 1900. He later achieved London (Craft) Rank (LR) just like his father before him).

Frederick was also a Founder of both Guardian Lodge No. 2625 and Borough of Camberwell Lodge No. 3303, neither of which exist today. (Guardian Lodge was erased in 2000 and Borough of Camberwell Lodge in 2001).

Frederick was a Past Zerubabbel of Royal Jubilee Chapter No. 72 which was founded in 1867 and in 1893 was a Founder, and later Treasurer, of Rye Chapter No. 2272. Rather belatedly he became First Principal of Rye Chapter in 1909.

The Dunns celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary in 1912 and to mark the occasion the lodge presented a gold chain and pendant to Mrs. Dunn on 1st April that year.

Frederick died on 25th February 1916 at his son William’s address in Conyers Road, Streatham.



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