How much does it cost?

There are certain financial responsibilities associated with your membership, just as there are costs in membership of any organisation.


The fees payable are set by the Lodge in its by-laws which include:-

  • A one-off initiation fee payable prior to joining the lodge.  This covers your registration with Grand Lodge, and the provision of a certificate which will be presented to you on becoming a full member (known as a Master Mason) of our organisation.
  • An annual fee payable to the lodge.  The lodge uses this to maintain the facilities of the lodge, either to cover the rent of premises, or the maintenance of owned buildings, social occasions and for all other matters of lodge administration. In Royal Jubilee Lodge the annual fee does not include the cost of dinner and wine which is typically £25 per meal.

The initiation fee is currently £184.00  The annual fee is £140.00

At various times during the year you may be asked to contribute time or money to charitable projects being organised by the lodge.  Your contribution must at all times be determined by what your circumstances will permit.  This is for you to determine and at no time should you place your personal financial viability at risk.

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