A Very Special Meeting

At our meeting on 1st June 2017 the lodge welcomed numerous brethren from other masonic constitutions, including Norway, Germany, Romania and New Zealand, the visit having been arranged by W Bro Mike Kearsley, ProvGO and other members of David Bonner Lodge who were sponsors of the European Masonic Meeting which was held between 2nd and 4th June.

It was a truly memorable occasion for the lodge and one that will live long in our minds, so thank you brethren for joining us.

Bro. Stuart Whittick was fortunate enough to be the candidate and experienced a warm welcome from over 60 brethren. We are not sure how we are going to follow that when it comes to his Passing and Raising, but we will do our best.

An interesting array of regalia.

Our German guests

Our Romanian brothers

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