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Royal Jubilee Lodge No. 72 is one of the oldest Freemasons' lodges in the world, with a long history going back to 1759 although in its current form it was not warranted until 1810. Our website is designed to give you a brief introduction to freemasonry in general as well as a more detailed look at us.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 1st June 2017 at Twickenham District Masonic Centre when we will be carrying out an Initiation ceremony, in the presence of upwards of 20 European masons from various countries, as well as one from New Zealand. This promises to be a very special occasion for our Initiate and one at which we expect to welcome a number of brethren from Middlesex and other Provinces.

If you would like to join us on that occasion please contact our Secretary, via the 'Contact Us' option in the main menu above.

If you live or work in Twickenham or nearby and are considering joining a lodge or just want to learn more about freemasonry, please browse our website or get in touch with our via the 'Contact Us' option on the top menu. He will be more than happy to point you in the right direction or arrange an informal chat with you.

Joining and Visiting Members - Naturally members of other lodges are most welcome to become joining members or attend our meetings as guests. Please don’t wait for an invitation, just email our Secretary via the 'Contact Us' option on the top menu. You are sure to receive a warm welcome.